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For your Leo/Virgo cusp, here's what I want you to keep in mind for a compatible partner: Someone who loves to talk for hours and hours on end about the.

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Story from Horoscopes. British writer Ruby Warrington and astrologer and tarot reader Bess Matassa have teamed up to create a card tarot-style deck for anybody wishing to learn the language of astrology.

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  7. Here, Ruby tells us why she believes January is going to bring big change. In a world that often feels increasingly out of control, the sense that the universe just GETS YOU and that everything is happening for a reason even when the news is "bad" can be so reassuring. Pluto has been hanging out in Capricorn since , already transforming the ways we do work and politics, and helping us all rework our definitions of success, status and achievement.

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    Pluto is also known as the lord of the underworld, and often forces change by exposing any shadowy aspects that have been operating behind the scenes. In politics, this transit has been the backdrop to both the Trump presidency and Brexit, as well as the rise of nationalist parties and organised hate-groups globally.

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    When it comes to corporate life, our outdated and exploitative capitalist model is being brought into question. All of which will come to a head in January The Pluto-Saturn conjunction will be exact meaning the two planets are at the exact same degree of the zodiac wheel from 5thth January and will also be joined by Mercury planet of communication and the sun on 12th and 13th January respectively.

    see On these days, we can expect headline news in all the above areas of life, as world events reflect a fundamental evolutionary shift that is already well underway.